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Breezelock™ Dock & Boat Umbrella / Flag Stand

Breezelock™ Dock & Boat Umbrella / Flag Stand

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Enhance the charm of your dock, patio, or boat with a BreezeLock™ umbrella/flag stand by SOLBREEZE™. Crafted from stainless steel, this stand adds the aesthetic appeal your area desires. Simply insert your own pole and umbrella/flag and unwind. The comprehensive umbrella/flag stand kit includes a stainless-steel umbrella base, robust stainless-steel dock anchors, user-friendly hand-turn knob to attach the stand to the anchor system. Installation is a breeze with the tools included in the kit. (Please note that the umbrella and pole are not included.)

Thickened Base and Welded Firmly: The base thickness directly determines the stability of the outdoor umbrella, especially in windy weather. We increased the base thickness to 4.1 mm, which is much stronger than the 2.5 mm thickness commonly used in the market.

What's Included:

(1) Stainless-Steel Umbrella/Flag Stand

Anchoring System Includes:

- (3) 7/8" Bolt OD, 1/2" X 13 ID thread, L 2.75" 

- (3) 7/8" Anti-Spin Plate

- (3) 7/8" Spring Washer

- (3) 7/8" Hex Nut (requires 33 mm socket)

Above Surface Attachments:

- (3) 1/2" 13 Knurled Knob 304 SS

Tools Included:

- Qty 1 - 1/2" Drive Ratchet

- Qty 1 - 33mm Socket

- Qty 1 - 1/2" drill bit

- Qty 1 - 7/8" drill bit

Stabilizing Components: We've thoughtfully introduced an internal module designed to secure the umbrella pole, PVC pipe sleeves, in combination with user-friendly hand-turn knobs, ensure exceptional stability for your outdoor umbrella, preventing any wobbling, even during windy conditions. The four sleeves provide these optional diameters - 1.25", 1.5", 1.7”, and 1.9".

Bottom Drainage, Not Hollow: Numerous users have shared concerns about hollow bottoms, which can lead to umbrella handle decay or rust, particularly on damp surfaces. Hence, we've sealed the base of our outdoor umbrella stand securely, retaining only the essential drain hole for adequate drainage.

Warranty: 1-Year Warranty: High-quality alloy steel and strict quality control make us very confident in our heavy-duty patio umbrella stand base.

*Each anchor has a safe working load of 2,500 lbs.

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BreezeLock Umbrella / Flag Stand

Customer Reviews

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Shabby C.
Built like a tank - no more falling umbrellas!

This is one heck of an umbrella stand/holder! It is designed really well, and the craftsmanship is like a precision piece of metal you would find on a Rolls Royce! No longer will we be battling the wind with our umbrella. Our last stand was plastic that you fill with water and that one cracked/broke within 1 year. This is an awesome stand that has many great features. I would highly recommend.