SS BIG DOG™ - Dock & Boat Dog Ladder


What's in the box?

Gear Up for Fun With Our
Dock & Boat Dog Ladder

Gear up for fun and ensure your pup's safety with our SS BIG DOG™ aquatic pet ladder by SOLBREEZE™. This is specially crafted for seamless water entry and exits.

This ladder features six perfectly positioned steps that match your pet’s natural gait, ensuring safe and easy movements to and from your boat or pool.

 Whether climbing aboard or returning to the deck, your dog will navigate smoothly with the ladder's robust design, crafted from stainless steel and marine-grade aluminum for durable yet lightweight handling.

Ensure your dog enjoys every water adventure with the ultimate convenience and security they deserve.

150 lbs Rating

Built to support dogs up to 150 lbs, ensuring a safe and reliable experience for larger breeds.

Super Strong Ladder

Crafted from a combination of stainless steel and marine grade aluminum, this ladder offers a sturdy yet lightweight construction for easy handling.

Adjustable & Portable Design

The telescopic pole and innovative hinge system allows the dog ladder to pivot gracefully out of the water and easily fold away when it's not needed, maximizing space and convenience.

Trust Our Dog Ladder for Your Dog's Fun & Safety

Summer days by the lake just got even better for you and your dog, thanks to the SS BIG DOG™ aquatic pet ladder by SOLBREEZE™.

This portable ladder transforms any boat dock or poolside into a dog-friendly playground, allowing your canine companion easy and safe access to the water. Whether you're soaking up the sun on a lazy afternoon or enjoying active water play, this ladder ensures your dog can join in on all the fun without any hassle.

Designed to support up to 150 lbs, it's ideal for large breeds, making every dip in the lake a joyous and safe adventure. The robust construction and thoughtful design mean you can relax and enjoy the blissful lake views while your dog splashes around freely.

Perfect for those long, leisurely days by the water, this ladder is a summer essential for every dog owner who loves to make lasting memories with their furry friend.       

Man using lake weed removal tool at the edge of a dock.

SS Big Dog Ladder - In Action

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Dawson U.
Great for pools

I installed this on my pool to help my pair of Golden Retrievers get out. They love to jump in and get out right away. After a full summer of use it has stood up to the abuse of my large dogs. Looking forward to using it again this summer!

Teddy F.
Wish I bought this sooner

This ladder has made life so much easier for our dog. He's getting older and needed steps to get out of the water. Bought this ladder from solbreeze and after using it we wish we bought it earlier.

Raymond M.
Slick Design

Whoever designed this ladder was thinking. The way it collapses and folds up out of the water is a game changer. No more slimy steps. Worth every penny!

Keenan L.
Our Dogs Love it!

Mounted this to our dock and our dogs instantly caught on how to use it! Would highly recommend!


This Dog Ladder is impressesive. The step tread and stainless steel frame speak for themselves. The ladder's design is robust and durable, ensuring safety and security for our furry friends. The anti-slip tread provides excellent traction, even in wet conditions, while the stainless steel frame offers corrosion resistance and stability. Installation is quick and easy, thanks to the adjustable design and stainless steel mounting brackets. Overall, this ladder is a must-have for pet owners who prioritize their dog's safety and comfort while boating.

Also saves my back. I no longer have to pick my pup up!

Didn't buy the extending hook a first. It's a must to close the ladder. I would recommend getting it, as well.