Pawsitively Innovative: The Story of Austin Kain and SOLBREEZE

Pawsitively Innovative: The Story of Austin Kain and SOLBREEZE

In the world of pet lovers, Austin Kain stands out as a beacon of innovation and dedication to ensuring the safety and enjoyment of our furry friends. His journey began with two golden doodles, Frankie and Penny, who ignited his passion for creating solutions to make their lives—and the lives of countless other water-loving dogs—safer and more enjoyable.

It was a typical day at the lake when Austin realized the challenge of helping Frankie and Penny exit the water safely without assistance. As any devoted pet owner would, he sought a solution. Determined to find a way to make water activities stress-free for his beloved companions, Austin embarked on a journey of invention.

After months of brainstorming, designing, and testing, Austin unveiled his masterpiece: the SS Big Dog Marine Dock and Boat Dog Ladder. This innovative ladder provided a safe and secure way for dogs to climb out of the water onto boats or docks without risking injury. With its sturdy construction and dog-friendly design, the ladder quickly gained popularity among pet owners and boating enthusiasts alike.

But Austin didn't stop there. Encouraged by the success of his invention, he saw an opportunity to expand his reach and make a difference on a larger scale. Teaming up with his father Rik Kain as his business partner, together they founded SOLBREEZE—a company dedicated to providing premium dock accessories and water dog safety products.

SOLBREEZE quickly became synonymous with quality and innovation in the pet industry. Their product line expanded to include not only the SS Big Dog Marine Dock and Boat Dog Ladder but also a range of dock accessories such as umbrella holders and table sets, perfect for enhancing your waterside enjoyment.

In addition to their dock accessories, SOLBREEZE became a leading provider of water dog safety products, including dog life jackets designed for maximum comfort and security. Austin's commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of dogs everywhere earned SOLBREEZE a reputation as a trusted source for pet owners seeking reliable and innovative solutions.

Today, Austin Kain's vision and passion continue to drive SOLBREEZE forward. With a growing customer base and a dedication to excellence, the company remains at the forefront of the pet industry, continually seeking new ways to improve the lives of both pets and their owners.

As Austin reflects on his journey, he is filled with gratitude for the inspiration provided by Frankie and Penny and the countless dogs who have benefited from his inventions. With SOLBREEZE leading the way, the future looks bright for water-loving dogs everywhere.


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