2024: Lake Lanier Boat Show

2024: Lake Lanier Boat Show


The 2024 Lake Lanier Boat Show held on March 23rd and 24th was fantastic! While it experienced a delayed start due to inclement weather on Friday, leading to a one-day postponement, Saturday and Sunday brought forth numerous opportunities to connect with wonderful individuals and enjoy memorable experiences!

The Dock & Boat Dog ladder received an overwhelmingly positive response from everyone! They made sure to express their admiration, with one of the most frequent comments being "That is genius." And I have to admit, we couldn't agree more. It's a simple yet incredibly useful idea that prompts the thought, "why didn't I think of that?"

We encountered individuals who are seeking a secure method for their dogs to exit the water, as well as those looking to spare their backs using the SS Big Dog Dock & Boat Dog ladder. Our aim is to assist in safeguarding both concerns! By doing so, we aspire to enhance every aspect of Lake Life, making it more enjoyable for all involved.

Many attendees discovered that the Dog Life Jackets perfectly complemented the Dog Ladder. They were particularly enamored with the Oxford Fabric and were delighted to learn that these jackets are specifically crafted to assist their dogs in floating on water.

Other remarkable finds we came across at the show!

The show featured numerous other vendors, providing us with the opportunity to engage with them and learn about their offerings. One standout was Jerry Hoffmann from Smart Ass Products, showcasing his remarkable Gas Caddy. This innovative product offers a convenient means of transporting up to 50 gallons of fuel to almost any desired off-road destination.

Despite the weather putting a slight damper on the foot traffic at the show, we managed to establish numerous valuable connections. And guess what? You'll soon be spotting more SOLBREEZE Dog Ladders lining your shores! With the SOLBREEZE Dock & Boat Dog Ladder, you can safeguard your dog, spare your back, and elevate your lake life enjoyment.

Checkout SOLBREEZE for all your Water Dog Safety products!

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